About Shirleen

Shirleen is an entrepreneur at heart. She had a head start and put up her first business at the age of 13. Her ventures were diverse. It included buying items in bulk and selling them retail, owning food stalls, selling gadgets, and providing computer based services such as web designing and photo editing.

Shirleen learned the art of programming and holds a BS degree in Computer Science. She worked as a project manager and sales executive for a few leading IT companies.

But her entrepreneurial spirit and calling soon got the better of her. After a few years years in the IT corporate industry, she decided it was time to hang up her corporate clothes for good.

Armed with her skills in programming and photo shop, she started a few websites to make money through online advertising and affiliate marketing. She eventually learned the ropes of how to make a fully functional ecommerce website and offered various services.

She experimented on the many different ways how to drive traffic to her website. This included SEO, article submissions, blogs and link building. She started to integrated Social Media Marketing to her websites and found it to be truly successful.

In this blog she shares her knowledge and know how.

Shirleen has a strong passion for the arts. In her spare time she usually finds herself designing photo books and collages.

She enjoys her long sojourns and cultural immersions across the globe. She has visited various countries from Asia and Oceania.

She is very curious about new innovations and likes to tinker with gadgets.

She is also a certified fitness and health buff. She visits the gym consistently, follows a strict vegetarian diet, and practices yoga regularly.