How to Find Your Customers in Twitter

advanced twitter search

The old school advertisement is that you purchase online banners and links.  You leave these banners and links on websites with people that are most likely to buy from you.

With all the clutter from the web, you can only hope that people will eventually come to your website.  While this is still a good strategy if done right you are missing out on other opportunities.  Don’t just take this shot gun approach and spread your efforts.

Twitter offers a great potential for you to reach out to your customers in a whole new way.   With Twitter you can actually find out where your customers and connect with them in a whole new level.

Businesses should follow their customers and not the way around.  If you want to find out more, read on.

1. The Keyword is your Friend

Write down all possible keywords.  Drop the business mindset.  The dollars are only going to cloud your judgement.  Instead, enter the mind of your customer.  Think like your customer.

If you are a Real Estate Agent in Atlanta your customers’ keywords are “real estate agent”, “realtor”, “move to atlanta”, “moving to atlanta” or “buy a house in Atlanta”.

If you are a local restaurant then the best keywords are your specialty “thai restaurant”, “italian restaurant” or “coffee shop”.

2. How to Search in Twitter


Go Bookmark this link now.

There are four categories: Words, People, Places and Others

We won’t go in depth in to each category.  Basically words is where you type in the Key Words.  People is where you type in Account Specific, this is good if you are researching top players in your industry or your competitors.  Places is useful if your business runs locally.

Here is a sample search:

Enter “Italian Restaurant” in the exact phrase category.  Enter “Los Angeles” in Near this place category.

italian restaurant

Here are the search results:

italian restaurant results

One of the results is spot on.  ”I want to go to a nice Italian restaurant”.  It would be nice to reach out to people who are already interested in your services.

3. Refine your Search Location.

Look at the upper right portion of your search

italian restaurant search tab


If you click on it this will show you ”italian restaurant” near:”los angeles” within:15mi

Notice the term within: 15mi.  This is the search radius within 15 miles.  You can increase or decrease this to fit your needs.

You can also change and refine the search location to be more specific.  You can use “Glendale, Humboldt County, California”.

4. Save your Search

If you regularly use these search fields it would be good to save it.  You can find it on the top near the search results output.

italian restaurant save

The next time you search for this all you have to do is click search and a drop down will appear.  The drop down menu will now contain your saved searches.

italian restaurant saved searches


5. Monitor Regularly

Once you have your search save you are setup.  It is now important to monitor the twitter search stream regularly.  All updates are updated real time so it would be good to respond to these tweets relevant to you.



Why Your Business Should Be on Twitter


According to, Twitter boasts of a monthly active user base of 190 million and gets 135,000 new sign ups everyday. Twitter is definitely a powerful force that small to medium enterprises should leverage to help their businesses.
Whether it’s a simple product research or tweeting about product reviews, people are turning to twitter to connect with businesses.

Neglecting this tool can lead you to miss out on developing that great connection with your customers.

Here are the reasons why you should setup twitter for your business:

1. Your Customers are on Twitter

People use Twitter as a tool to broadcast their buying intent. They hope to connect and learn about other people’s experience with the products and services which they intend to purchase.

If you own a business, you can easily search for people who intend to buy your products by searching for the right keywords. A Keyword such as “move to Atlanta” is highly useful for a real estate firm situated in Atlanta.  Getting in touch and connecting with these people is beneficial for business.

All business campaigns should have a return of investment. However, that is usually the pitfall in Twitter. A lot of people focus on the ROI instead of building the relationship.

With Twitter, your focus should not only be  on ROI and broadcasting your services…. unless your goal is to annoy your potential customers.

The focus on Twitter should be building a relationship. This investment on relationship will build up over time. As you focus on your connections you build a strong foundation with your followers. These followers will become your loyal customers who will recommend and share your brand.

2. Branding

Your Twitter is like a movie trailer. The movie trailer shows you just enough to entice you to want and watch more.

The Twitter Brand is your hook. People who visit your twitter profile will immediately judge your picture, your background and the tweets in your stream. If they like it they are most likely to follow you and visit your website.

If you are starting out and your brand is not a big name it is best to have a real person behind the twitter wheel. People are most likely to connect with you if they see a real person rather than a picture of your brand.

3. Free Marketing

Big name brands have adopted twitter as a marketing tool thick and fast. And they have good reason to do so because Twitter is a powerful marketing tool. .

Twitter can help you if you are a celebrity, a politician or a big name company who want to build your brand.

If you are an SME, Twitter only works really well if you have a blog or news update and you want to syndicate content. Micro-blogging with twitter will provide you an additional channel to distribute your content.

The best thing about Twitter is that’s its a free marketing tool.

4. Customer Service

In the old days, people are limited to calling the company to voice out complains. However, new media has provided a means for people to vent off their anger.

Twitter has become a good venue for rants about bad services to let off that steam.  People like to tweet and retweet about the terrible experiences with a product or service.

If your customers are complaining about you in Twitter and you have no means to respond, then imagine the negative impact that this may have for your business. Big companies are using twitter as a customer service tool to protect their brand from an avalanche of negative tweets.

This infographic from is an interesting read about social customer service .

The infographic shows that 90% of upset customers can be retained with great customer service. 71% who experience positive social customer care are most likely to recommend it to others.

These figures are reason enough for businesses to use twitter for customer services.

5. Competition Espionage

Try a quick search. Type in your competitor and see the search results.

If your competitors are on Twitter, you can easily see how they engage with their customers. You can browse their twitter feed and learn about their marketing campaigns. Revise your campaigns to imitate what they have done successfully. Improvise on these strategies and see how you can become more effective.

If your competitors are not on Twitter, and you see a lot of negative tweets then that opens a world of opportunities. Imagine if you connect  with these people and provide them with a superb service.

It’s time for you to be a superhero.  To be their savior from miserable services of your competitors.  This will only work if you offer a tremendous service yourself.

6. Promotions and Giveaways

There are a number of ways that Twitter can be used for promotions.

If you are bakeshop and you have excess inventory, you can offer 50% off on your twitter followers.

If you are a technology shop, you can provide a contest and the winner can get a significant discount on your store.

If you have an event, you can provide free tickets.

If you have a product launch you can provide a freebie.

Free ebook can be given away for new follows.

The best thing about this tool is that you don’t have to spend an additional dime.  However, it requires careful planning to prep the build up and proper execution for a successful implementation.

7. Viral

Once you reach a certain level of popularity, potential customers will be the one to find you.  Your engagements will increase. People will flock to your stores.

Twitter is really a great platform for spreading your message person to person.  Twitter offers the potential of viral marketing!  No other social media network has that speed of twitter when it comes to spreading your message.  In fact a of people are using twitter to read their news.